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Ludacris, Back For The First Tim

Most of the tracks are taken from his first album, the independently released Incognegro (1999), except for "Stick 'Em Up", "Southern Hospitality", a remix of "What's Your Fantasy", and "Phat Rabbit".

Ludacris, Back For The First Tim

The album debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 chart, and sold 133,000 copies in its first-week of sales.[7] As of November 2009, the album has sold 3.1 million copies in the United States to date. The album was eventually certified triple Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for shipments of more than 3 million copies.

When Def Jam signed Ludacris in 2000, the Atlanta rapper had already released a regionally successful independent album (Incognegro) with a hot single ("What's Your Fantasy"). So rather than send Ludacris back into the studio to record a follow-up album, Def Jam chose to repackage Incognegro as Back for the First Time (the title a play on the re-released nature of the music) and append some new material. The decision proved wise. Incognegro had been a strong album debut, produced largely by talented newcomer Shondrae, along with Organized Noize (who produce "Game Got Switched") and Jermaine Dupri ("Get Off Me"), and featuring a roster of hungry underground rappers (I-20, Fat Wilson, Shawnna, Pastor Troy, 4-Ize). Plus, "What's Your Fantasy" was already a proven hit, if perhaps too explicit for mainstream radio play. The real difference between Incognegro and Back for the First Time, however, is the newly recorded material -- four songs, each a standout: the Neptunes-produced club-banger "Southern Hospitality," the previously released Timbaland-produced "Phat Rabbit," the rowdy U.G.K.-featuring "Stick 'Em Up," and the provocative Trina and Foxy Brown remix of "What's Your Fantasy." The most significant of these additions is "Southern Hospitality," a feel-good party song that -- sequenced late in the album, at track 14 -- comes as a pleasant relief after the proceeding up-from-the-underground hardcore tone of Incognegro/Back for the First Time.

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"After the success of Luda Can't Cook the first time around, we knew we had to bring Ludacris back for more - he is up for any challenge and combining his passion for food and learning unexpected new skills is so entertaining to watch," said Courtney White, President, Food Network and Streaming Food Content, Discovery Inc. "He is determined to master cuisines from around the globe - and we are thrilled to join him for the ride."

To kick off his culinary journey, Ludacris visits Little Haiti in Miami, Florida with food on his mind. Fascinated by the resilience of the Haitian community, he meets with Haitian-born Chef Alain Lemaire to learn the basic foundations of the cuisine. Luda learns about traditional Haitian flavors and gets hands-on with chicken before learning to make some of the region's essential marinades and dishes. Luda's lesson culminates in a Haitian-style block party, where he compiles a three-course tasting menu for the chefs who trained him, as well as accomplished chef and Haitian food expert Chef Gregory Gourdet. In the next episode, Ludacris explores Korean food - because even though he orders Korean takeout once a week, he doesn't know the first thing about making it. He teams up with Chef Seung Hee Lee in Atlanta to learn about everything this unique cuisine has to offer, from kimchi and mandu to Korean BBQ. Once his Korean cuisine crash course is through, he is put to the test by cooking a three-course meal for celebrity chef Edward Lee and comedian Lil Duval. Finally, Ludacris travels to the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami to master Cuban cuisine with James Beard-Award nominated Chef Michael Beltran. He learns about the holy trinity that is the foundation of most Cuban meals, while remembering the old lesson that patience is a virtue. After Luda's friend Timbaland drops by, low and slow cooking leads to a pressure cooker when best-selling author and restaurateur Chef Lorena Garcia critiques Luda's three course menu and tastes the results.

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